Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AUG 17

Hey Literazzians,

Just a reminder & a bit of details...

Next week is our meeting, August 17th at 7:30pm
At Cha Cha’s house.

177 W 126th St
Apt 3
Harlem, NY 10027


Take the 1 going uptown
Get off at 96th st & transfer to the 2/3 going up
Get off at 125th st
Walk to 126th & make a left at Planet Fitness
Walk to the end of the block to Brownstone 177.

What would everyone think of doing a snack potluck?
Just like the people’s lives and stories came together over this
one event in the book
Let’s each bring one of our favorite snacks to share with the group.

Maybe bring something that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself
cuz you “shouldn’t”. Well, let’s indulge for the day and share our favorite
things. J

Nothing expensive. Just a little snack.

Really excited. See you then!



  1. I love this idea. Very excited to see you all! Especially twice in one month!

    Just please recall that we have vegan members, so in the spirit of fairness, bring a snack that everyone can share.

    Hugs to all of my fellow wire-walkers!

  2. great point! and may i say a SUPER DUPER congratulations to you regarding your new job!!!!!! : )

  3. You guys are BEYOND sweet but please please PLEASE do not feel obligated to bring anything vegan. I really want to stress that. I will bring plenty of something for all of us to share!

  4. Ok crazy kids, Mikah has the right idea. This is a your favorite foods book club. If your favorite food isn't kale, don't bring it ;) If your favorite food is chocolate (like me...) hit it.

    Yay party up in Ha-lem.

    ps... My other favorite food is wine... I will share...with everyone except Erin ;)