Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Capture

I just started the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series by Kathryn Lasky, not realizing, of course, that the series is at least fifteen books long. The first is called The Capture. The series is about (you guessed it) owls of all different kinds and it's actually very educational if you've ever wanted to know about owls. It's fascinating. It has mystery and legend. It has a great sense of camaraderie - very Lord of the Rings band of travelers. There are some great enemies here too. It's a combination of the natural and the fantastic. I would definitely recommend this series if you're interested in a different kind of journey.

The Key to Rondo

I can't say this was my favorite. The Key to Rondo, by Emily Rodda, is about two children who find their way into a magical world through a music box - a family heirloom handed down after the death of a beloved aunt. The summary on the back was more intriguing than the book itself, unfortunately. It was a light read, fairly easy, and very fantasy-oriented. The premise was great - four rules of a music box and once they're broken, the evil is allowed out. Very Pandora. Still, if you recall the Chathams' story from The Magicians, this tale is more reminiscent of that specific story. It also incorporates a number of fairy tales and legends and that is the most interesting part of it. I wouldn't go completely out of my way to read this one, but it was a light, easy read if you want something fun.

The Clockwork Three

I really liked this book! Matthew Kirby's debut novel, The Clockwork Three, is a great mix of - again, Oliver-esque characters, fantasy, mystery, and fun. It's a trio of unlikely heroes battling against a city that threatens to swallow them up from varying angles. It's two boys and a girl (very Harry, Ron, and Hermione), each from different walks of life. There's music, magic, mechanics, and mayhem...something for everyone! Chris-Ian, you would especially like this one, I think.

Solomon Snow and the Silver Spoon

I'm way behind on reviews. I've been reading a great deal of young adult, so the next few posts will be about them. The first one that I finished after Anthem was Solomon Snow and the Silver Spoon by Kaye Umansky. It's an Oliver-esque story with quite an odd cast of characters. It's the first in a series of Solomon Snow books, apparently. I wouldn't say that I'm dying for the others, but I definitely enjoyed this book. It starts off a little snow, but once you start adding the other characters, there's a healthy mix of personalities. I'd say if you want something light and you enjoy a Dickensian story, you should try this one.